Antimo Magnotta

Instruments Taught: Piano
Location: Addiscombe, CR0

Antimo is a remarkable figure in the world of music, boasting a multifaceted career as a performer, composer, educator, and recording artist. His musical journey has led him to become the esteemed pianist in residence at both the Victoria and Albert Museum and the St. Botolph’s building in London, a position he has held with distinction since 2013.

A passionate and dedicated pianist, Antimo’s love for music runs deep. His commitment to education and the art of music is unwavering. His expertise transcends genre boundaries, encompassing the rich tapestry of Western Classical Music Canon, the improvisational freedom of Jazz, and the contemporary nuances of modern music.

One of Antimo’s outstanding strengths lies in his profound understanding of harmony, tonal harmony, and counterpoint, which is vividly reflected in his compositions and improvisations. His performances are marked by heartfelt and skillful improvisational work, a testament to his extensive knowledge of music theory, a finely-tuned ear, and a sincere desire to convey the depth of musical emotions.

As an educator, Antimo’s approach is centered around the student, recognising the unique learning needs and aspirations of each individual. Whether teaching performance techniques, facilitating ensemble coordination, or providing one-on-one instruction, Antimo’s teaching style is characterised by its engaging, enjoyable, and approachable nature.

His commitment to tailoring instruction to the specific requirements of each student ensures a meaningful and enriching learning experience. Antimo’s dedication to music education and his ability to inspire and guide students make him a highly respected and cherished figure in the world of music.