Emma Walters

Instruments Taught: Voice
Location: Sanderstead, CR2

Emma’s unwavering love for performing has been the guiding force in her journey towards a fulfilling career in musical theatre. Her passion for the arts was ignited at the incredibly young age of 4 when she first discovered the magic of singing, an experience that would shape her life’s path.

Emma’s formal training in the performing arts led her to the esteemed Performance Preparation Academy, where she dedicated herself to honing her craft. In 2021, she proudly graduated with a first-class degree in BA Hons in Musical Theatre Performance, a testament to her dedication and talent.

With an impressive start to her professional career, Emma made her debut on the illustrious West End stage at the Vaudeville Theatre. Her performances have also graced the charming streets of Covent Garden, where she enthralled audiences with her musical prowess. Emma remains actively engaged in auditions, consistently pursuing opportunities to showcase her talent.

Emma’s post-graduate journey has extended beyond her personal performances. She has embraced the role of an educator, imparting her knowledge to students of all ages and abilities. Her teaching experiences have allowed her to fine-tune her communication and instructional skills. Emma draws upon her extensive training and diverse experiences, including her previous role as a Chorister, to offer a comprehensive and creative approach to teaching.

Specializing in vocal technique, vocal health, acting through song, and confidence building, Emma’s teaching repertoire is nothing short of impressive. Her formal training has equipped her to navigate all genres of singing, ranging from Classical and Opera to Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, Folk, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Rap, Country, and Motown.

Moreover, Emma’s expertise extends to the realm of audition preparation. Her firsthand knowledge of the audition process for college courses in Performing Arts, drama schools, and industry auditions is invaluable. Emma has successfully guided numerous students in achieving admission to prestigious institutions such as The Brit School, BOA, and various universities.

Emma’s teaching style is driven by her deep passion for the performing arts. Her approach empowers her students to enhance their self-confidence, self-awareness, and technique. Whether the goal is to prepare for a specific audition, embark on the journey of drama school, or simply savor the joy of artistic expression, Emma’s guidance is sure to inspire and elevate her students to new heights.